Shamrad Metal Fabricators, Inc.

Since 1871

Manufacturer of ASME pressure vessels, API tanks, custom storage tanks and weldments. Custom metal fabrication of carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum. CNC turret punching, press brake bending, plasma and oxygen cutting. Plate rolling, shearing, forming, drilling and welding.

Our Mission

To exceed the expectations of our customers by providing exceptional value in the products and services we offer.

50 Year Member

About Us

Over a Century of Service

Over a Century of Service

Established in 1871, Shamrad began in St. Joseph, Missouri as a company that built and serviced processing and heating boilers. This was the era when "Buffalo Bill" Cody, Eugene Field, and Jesse James were still riding the streets of St. Joseph and companies like Shamrad were helping to build the Midwest.

It was a time when craftsmanship, quality, and personal service were not just slogans on a signboard, but a way of life. In those days all workers, including the trusty blacksmith, took pride in their craft and every job they did was their best.

At the turn of the century, Shamrad issued a brochure which (in part) assured customers that: •" materials used in the manufacture of our products are the best obtainable, and utmost care and experience are exercised to get the best results. • we employ none but expert mechanics and furnish the best of service. • we thank all those who have favored us in the past and solicit a continuance of such patronage with our assurance that same will have our very best attention." Our company was built on this philosophy and we still stand by it today.

Shamrad Now

Over 100 years later, Shamrad is still at the same location with the same policy of quality craftsmanship in our every project. Today, the focus of our company is on custom metal fabrication. We provide our customers with personal service from concept to shipping, from professional engineering to repair.

Our Plus is Our People

We take great personal pride in the quality of our work force. These seasoned, talented, caring craftsmen are truly Shamrad's biggest plus! We have the highest caliber professional registered engineers, welders, boilermakers, and metal workers, all with years of experience to insure that your project will conform to the highest standards possible. Our welders are certified according to Section IX of the A.S.M.E. vessel code. These and all our fine people have established a nation-wide reputation for quality workmanship that has become the hallmark of Shamrad. We want to put our plus to work for you!

We Work to Fulfill Our Customers' Needs

We Work to Fulfill Our Customers' Needs

Our people are professionally flexible. The Shamrad staff, including our engineers, is equally comfortable working with your engineering or drafting staff, or with your ideas or prints. We will do the entire job for you, from initial concept to completed project.

We have contemporary techniques, equipment and tooling for virtually every type of metalworking. Our extensive inventories (combined with our expertise) can meet most "rush" or emergency needs.

If special equipment, shipping apparatus or tools are needed to handle your assignment properly, we'll find them, or we'll make them ourselves. We won't shrink from a challenge - from the fifty-cent parts to multi-thousand dollar specialty projects - we'll approach them all with the same enthusiasm and confidence.

We make every effort to establish an honest and realistic delivery date. Because of our central location near Interstate 29 and other major highways, we have an edge for fast, on-time deliveries anywhere in the country. However, we will never sacrifice quality for speed.

Shamrad delivers quality because we have the facilities and environment that encourage our experienced craftsmen to be their best.

Working With an Eye Toward the Future

Shamrad's size and skills keep us flexible enough to adapt and adjust quickly to ever-changing equipment needs and even to completely new fields. We have done this many times to accommodate our customers' needs and we are prepared to do so again as the needs arise.


Custom Fabrication

Custom Fabrication

We are responsive to the changing demands of our industry. As different metals and alloys become more practical to use, we add them to our product line and find the best qualified people with the right skills to work with these materials.

Our people have earned for us an unparalleled reputation in highest quality custom fabrication of stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel and other alloys. We employ the most stringent quality control procedures in the industry - zero defects is our constant goal and we achieve it regularly.

Shamrad fabricates for many industries, including:

Pollution Control, Earth Moving, Construction, Transportation, Heavy Hauling, Meat Packing, Agriculture, Food Products, Chemical, Fertilizer, Material Handling, Building Products, Public Utilities, Warehousing.

Every Shamrad Project is Unique

Some are just a little more unique than others, requiring that "something extra" to bring them from visualization to reality. That's where Shamrad stands out. Shown here are samples of those atypical projects.

Shamrad Also Makes Small Parts

Not every project requires a crane and several flatbeds to deliver it. We have all the facilities to produce small components and parts for almost any application and we actively solicit those types of projects.

We hope this overview of our company's capabilities, facilities, and personnel will encourage you to contact Shamrad about your next metal fabrication project. We look forward to putting our plus to work for you!


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